Jan 07

From Union Island to Union Hall. The local lingo explained

by in Indulgence

I was in a bar recently and the lady behind the counter asked me if I had grown up on the islands because of my local accent?. I laughed out loud. Seriously, like, just because I’m from Cork!. And while it is true that there are lots of similarities in the way we speak, there are lots of oddities that I find very amusing. I love listening to the way people speak, the lilt in their voices, the way accents dip up and down and how we have all interpreted our own version of the Queen’s english.

From as far away as two parts of the Atlantic you can get, I’ve compiled a little dictionary of Caribbean slang translated into Cork. If you are not from the Windies or the real Irish capital, then I am afraid you will have to lie ignorant of what in God’s name we are all talking about….

Yuh dotish out – You’re some langer

Me darlin’ – You’re an ol’ dote

True dat! – Dat’s daaaycent boy!

Yuh bubblin’ a pot? – Wat’s for de dinner?

Yuh belly long out – You’re some savage

Sell out – Go’on away, you’re codding me

Let’s buzz it – Sketch!

Ya goin’ good? – How’s the craic?

I’m sure there’s much more. The dictionary is in it’s infancy. If you’ve anything to add, send it on.

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