Rescue Camden

This collection of images, shot in 2010 by Joleen Cronin documents Camden Fort Meagher, Crosshaven. Cork Harbour, Ireland and formed part of collaborative photographic exhibition entitled “Rescue Camden” which was shot alongside photographer Siobhán Russell.

The collection shows a set of unique insights into the historical grounds of Camden Fort Meagherbefore any recent restoration work took place.

The Fort is internationally recognized as one of the finest remaining classic coastal artillery forts. It is located on Ram’s Head near the village of Crosshaven overlooking the entrance to Cork Harbour. This magnificent fort spreads over 45 acres, with almost 60% underground with tunnels, passageways and rooms.

As a fortification of one of the Irish Treaty Ports, Camden Fort Meagher was occupied by British military until July 1938 when it was officially handed over to the Irish defence forces. Fortifications on the site originally date from around 1550. In 1989 Camden Fort Meagher was officially handed over to Cork County Council. Despite their best efforts to realise the Fort’s potential, it remained unoccupied ever since and became derelict. These images showcase the detriment, disrepair and beauty of the Fort after 21 years of overgrowth and closure.

“Rescue Camden” was formed in 2010 to help, in partnership with Cork County Council and FÁS, the ‘Major Clean Up’ of Camden Fort Meagher began to take place.  The project aimed to restore the Fort to its former glory and in the process open up this “Jewel in the Crown” of Cork Harbour to the public. The Fort continues to be developed and today it is home to re-enactments, displays and exhibitions and welcomes on average 1000 visitors each open weekend during the summer months.  Find out more on