Redhead’s Call

Music video for Irish Redhead Convention

Director / Producer
Joleen Cronin

Camera / Editing
Maurice Supple, Blue Shed Productions

Pepi Mara

Lead Cast
Laura-May Keohane, Pepi Mara, Lucy Morley

Lead Vocals
Pepi Mara, Patrice Fanning

Amadháns & Bodhráns, Torc Horn, Paul Murtagh, Jason Turk, Brian Leach, Fergal O’Connor, Denis Cronin, Laura-May Keohane

Audio Recording & Mixing
Paul Murtagh, Brian Leach, Donncha Moynihan, The Rise Studio



Crossing of the Water

A short film by Oliver Pilcher

Art Director – Joleen Cronin


Colin Deady Music Video

Directed & edited by Colm Walsh 2015
Filmed by Colm Walsh & Joleen Cronin
CLAP Media